Pantera’s Morehead Says Bitcoin ‘Is a Screaming Buy’

Pantera’s Morehead Says Bitcoin ‘Is a Screaming Buy’

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  • The investment firm focused exclusively on blockchain tech & digital currency.

How big is the flow?

  • Cryptocurries trade about 5 times more per day in volume compare to their market cap.

What trade signals work in Crypto? (4:11)

  • Fundamental data
  • Price
  • The actually transaction volume
  • The fees being paid to the miner
  • How many users on the system
  • Sentiment data (Tweeter, Github Commits…)

There are 1,500 different projects out there, traded in 25 different languages.

We recently issued only our third buy recomendation in the last 7 years.

Bitcoin has come down below it 200 days moving average.

Bitcoin is a screaming buy right now.

How long do you think before we see the kind of prices we witnessed back in December (2017) Bitcoin at almost 20,000 USD, Ethereum at… call it 14,000 USD.

  • I think it’ll happen within the next 12 momths.
  • I think within 12 months we will have a new high.