Eric’s birthday present

蘇格蘭影集 / 關門
Scottish sitcom / Two Doors Down / Eric’s birthday present

  • What is it? What’s in the bag? Here, let me look. Oh. A beautiful bottle of wine.
  • Now, you’ll enjoy that. It’s kind of fruity (水果味道), but it’s not too fruity, It’s smoky (煙熏味道), but not too smoky, and it’s … it’s woody (木質味道) but … well, anyway a glass of that along with a tin of macaroni (通心粉), it’s beautiful.
  • Actually, I’m not drinking at the moment.
  • Say again?
  • I’m off the drink.
  • You’re not drinking?
  • No.
  • You’re not drinking anything?
  • Nope.
  • Not even a beer in the morning?
  • There’s more calories (卡路里) in booze (酒) than there is in food.
  • You’re not drinking anything?
  • My doctor said to try it. I’ve lost three pounds already.
  • Really?
  • And here’s us, bringing you a bottle of wine. Dear me. Well, never mind. I mean, you can keep it for a special occasion (場合), like a … like a celebration (慶祝活動), can’t he, Cath?
  • Aye, like when he starts drinking again.