Don’t wait

美國影集 / 芝加哥警署
American drama series / Chicago P.D. / A War Zone
© Chicago P.D.

  • Look. It’s really easy for a woman to catch a rep on this job, whether or not you deserve (匹配) it. It looks like I’m never gonna get the chance to … Go after what you want, Kim. Don’t wait.
  • Come on in.
  • Sergeant (警長).
  • Yeah?
  • I just wanted to … I just wanted to reiterate (重申) my desire (願望) and my commitment (承諾) to one day be detailed up to Intelligence (情報). I know that it was offered once before, but I felt that I still had something to learn in patrol (巡邏).
  • And I’m glad that I stayed. Yeah. But if the opportunity (機會) ever presented (出現) itself again, I … I just want you to know that it would be the best decision that you ever made to have me be a part of your unit. That’s all.
  • Be ready.
  • I will. I am.