Cambridge Analytica Uncovered


Cambridge Analytica whistleblower


  • Cambridge Analytica – Christopher Wylie
  • SCL Group – Alexander Nix
  • Briebart – Steve Bannon
  • Hedge fund billionaire – Robert Mercer
  • Cambridge University – Dr. Aleksandr Kogan
  • Grossly unethical experiments
  • Data scientist
  • Full service propaganda machine
  • Specialised in influencing elections
  • Perception of reality
  • People are the units of culture
  • Got rich through algorithms
  • Targeting you as personality
  • Psychological profile of each voter
  • Due diligence
  • The company itself was founded on using Facebok data
  • Susceptible
  • How many times do we need to touch you with that in order to change how you think about something
  • Fragmenting society
  • Shared experiences
  • Shared understanding
  • Go through life with a healthy dose of skepticism