Bed check

美國影集 / 70年代秀
American sitcom / That ’70s Show / Red Sees Red

Red 進行晚點名巡房, 發現一對子女都很守規矩, 各自在自己的房間準備就寢…

  • Surprise.
  • This is so great. I didn’t know you delivered.
  • Bed check (巡查/晚點名), dumb-ass.
  • Holy crap.
  • No, it is not a bed check. We just wanna say good night – and- and we love you very, very much. What are you doing?
  • Oh, just nailing (釘) his window shut. For his own good.
  • What if there’s a fire?
  • Well, then I guess you can just light your dope (毒品/尤指大麻) with it, dopehead (笨蛋).
  • Donna! Get out.
  • Whoa. Not so fast, Laurie.
  • Oh. Ow! Ow!
  • You idiot (白痴)! Red’s doing bed checks.
  • Bed check.
  • And bless Mommy and bless Daddy and bless Grandma…
  • Oh. Hi, Daddy.
  • Sorry to bother you, kitten.
  • Kelso, get your hand off my ass.
  • It was an accident (意外).
  • Shh!
  • It’s still there.
  • It’s still an accident.
  • Kelso, it’s still there!
  • Yeah.