Don’t wait

美國影集 / 芝加哥警署
American drama series / Chicago P.D. / A War Zone
© Chicago P.D.

  • Look. It’s really easy for a woman to catch a rep on this job, whether or not you deserve (匹配) it. It looks like I’m never gonna get the chance to … Go after what you want, Kim. Don’t wait.
  • Come on in.
  • Sergeant (警長).
  • Yeah?
  • I just wanted to … I just wanted to reiterate (重申) my desire (願望) and my commitment (承諾) to one day be detailed up to Intelligence (情報). I know that it was offered once before, but I felt that I still had something to learn in patrol (巡邏).
  • And I’m glad that I stayed. Yeah. But if the opportunity (機會) ever presented (出現) itself again, I … I just want you to know that it would be the best decision that you ever made to have me be a part of your unit. That’s all.
  • Be ready.
  • I will. I am.

Grace, will you marry me?

美國影集 / 心計
American drama series / The Mentalist / Wedding in Red

  • Excuse me? Thank you. Try the cake.
  • Oh, thank you.
  • It’s been two hours, and nobody’s going anywhere near the exit (出口). We need a distraction (分散注意力).
  • Okay. How do I look?
  • Fine. Why?
  • Good. Excuse me? Is this on?
  • Yeah.
  • Uh, excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, can i have your attention, for, uh, one second, please? I’d like to offer one more toast (敬酒).
  • I’d like to thank Stacey and Roberto for making me realize (意識到) just how important it is to protect a dream. I didn’t protect my dream.
  • To be honest, I, uh, well, I didn’t know how. But what can you do when you meet the right person at the wrong time?
  • Do her anyway!
  • Well, yeah, that works for a while. But eventually (最終) you say things or don’t say things. You, uh, make more mistakes than you can count. And in the end, well … things fall apart (瓦解).
  • This your idea of a distraction?
  • Trust me.
  • Now if you’re lucky, you might find each other again. But there’s too much history and heartache (心痛) to ever find your way back to that dream.
  • At least that’s what i thought. I’m hoping I was wrong. Grace, will you marry me? Well– well, say something. This is real.
  • Yes, Wayne. Of course I’ll marry you.
  • Target’s (目標) on the move.

It’s you

美國影集 / 芝加哥醫院
American drama series / Chicago Med / Speak Your Truth
© Chicago Med

  • I feel for that woman.
  • Having to live with those regrets (遺憾).
  • Yeah.
  • Well, good night, Will.
  • Night. Natalie. When you left, you knew about me and Nina. But I didn’t get a chance to tell you why I broke up (分手) with her.
  • It was because of the feelings I have for you. Those feelings haven’t gone away. You don’t have to say anything. I don’t have any expectations (期待). I just … I felt I had to tell you.
  • My, um … my sabbatical (休假). Things I needed to think about … It’s you.

Little errand

英國影集 / 浴血黑幫
British television series / Peaky Blinders / For the cause

  • Ada, sit down here for a minute. Ada, if anything happens to me today . I need you to post (寄) this letter. The stamp’s already on. Don’t ask any questions. It’s to do with insurance (保險).
  • Look, Tommy? Whatever it is you’re involved in, just tell us. God, you never let anybody in. We love you, Tom.
  • What are you doing up at six o’clock in the morning?
  • Ready?
  • What the bloody hell’s going on?
  • Little errand (差事).
  • What errand?
  • He just has to stand there, Ada.
  • Stand where?
  • Let’s go. Come on.
  • James, what’s going on? Don’t listen to him, James, he’ll get you killed! What errand?
  • For the cause, Ada. The good old cause.

Shagger’s breakfast

英國影集 / Josh
British sitcom / Josh / Bed & Breakfast

  • Oh!
  • Ding ding.
  • What?
  • Ready for round two (第二回合), Lennox Lewis?
  • Oh, I think it’s a bit early for that kind of thing.
  • Oh, by the looks of things, you’re not wrong. Where’s it gone?
  • It’s very chilly (冷), it’s a draughty (透風) room.
  • And if you’re wondering where your pants (褲子) are, one leg is on the floor and the other leg is in the corridor (走廊).
  • Yeah, it’s all coming back to me now.
  • Someone’s certainly earned themselves one shagger’s (炮友) breakfast.
  • Ah, I’ve got things to be getting on with, so I should go.
  • It’s your house.
  • Yeah, of course it is.
  • I tell you what, why don’t I make us a fry-up (*), seeing as you’ve given me your bed, and a bit more? A couple of fried eggs.
  • No, thank you.
  • Cos you know I’m always up for sausage (香腸), don’t you?
  • OK.
  • Maybe we could even experiment (實驗) with hash brown (馬鈴薯餅).
  • Oh, no thanks, very much not my scene.
  • We’ll see.
  • You do realize those were all innuendos (暗示), right?
  • Yeah, I got that.

(*) A fry-up is a meal consisting of a mixture of foods such as sausages, bacon, and eggs that have been fried.


A Tale of Love

英國影集 / 索恩醫生
UK Television series / Doctor Thorne / Trailer
©Once Upon a Time AV Work

母親奇望藉由 Frank 跟有錢女生結婚, 去改善家中經濟狀況, 全力撮合 Frank 與中年富婆, 希望達成婚事. Frank 萬般不願也得應酬, 想不到與中年富婆相談甚歡…

  • To me, you are my daughter, and any man who has the honor (榮幸) of your love should be the envy (羨慕) of the world.
  • Do you think me so very fair (很正點)?
  • Is the woman who prevents (防止) a man from ruining (毀) himself the one who truly loves him?
  • If you wish to see me happy ever again, marry money!
  • No!
  • You wicked (邪惡) boy!
  • Marry money?
  • That’s it, to marry money.
  • And a pure heart and youth and beauty, I hope you’ll marry them all.
  • Indeed, but there must be money.
  • I am no match for Frank.
  • Lady Arabella and Lady de Courcy are a pair of snobbish (勢利), selfish (自私) old crones (老太婆).
  • Love.
  • I’ll never ask you to marry me again, if you say here and now you did not love me.


美國影集 / 俏妞報到
American sitcom / New Girl / Exes
©New Girl

  • So, this is the problem. Nick didn’t tell his ex (前度) that we were together, and she found out, and now she’s really, really upset.
  • This is the scariest (最可怕) one yet. It’s just a bunch of (一堆) smiley faces.
  • Okay, um, not to be all guy with a baby, but, uh, exes are really a lot like newborns (新生兒), okay? The burps(打嗝) can be so yucky (噁心), but you know what comes after a burp?
  • What?
  • A big old smile.
  • Aw.
  • What the hell are you talking about?
  • It was a metaphor (比喻), Nick.
  • It was a classic fatherhood metaphor. No, my … my point is you just need to face her and let her get it all off her chest.
  • Oh, I feel like I’ve done that.
  • No, you didn’t. You just talked and talked about nothing for 30 minutes.
  • Okay, look, I know it’s hard. I know that, man. I’m here and I’m hearing it. I mean, when Jess and I did this, I think we cried for, like two days?
  • I mean, at least.
  • But look. Now I have such a good friend, and we talk all the time, and he’s such a good listener.
  • Say what? I can’t hear you.
  • Is this real? You guys saw each other naked (赤裸), and now you’re friends?
  • Yes, it’s the purest (最純淨) form of friendship. Straight Leno and Eubanks (*).
  • I just want to say you’re incredible, and I’m so lucky to have you in my life.

* Eubanks 在 Leno 主持的 “The Tonight Show” 中擔任音樂總監. 兩人為好友.