It’s you

美國影集 / 芝加哥醫院
American drama series / Chicago Med / Speak Your Truth
© Chicago Med

  • I feel for that woman.
  • Having to live with those regrets (遺憾).
  • Yeah.
  • Well, good night, Will.
  • Night. Natalie. When you left, you knew about me and Nina. But I didn’t get a chance to tell you why I broke up (分手) with her.
  • It was because of the feelings I have for you. Those feelings haven’t gone away. You don’t have to say anything. I don’t have any expectations (期待). I just … I felt I had to tell you.
  • My, um … my sabbatical (休假). Things I needed to think about … It’s you.

Who Doesn’t Love Jack?

美國影集 / 威爾與葛蕾絲
American sitcom / Will & Grace / Who Doesn’t Love Jack?
©Will & Grace

  • Well, that was fun.  I’ve copped a feel before, but I’ve never felt a cop (警察).
  • Yeah, well, I’ve never been with a man before, so …
  • Oh, you’re not kidding (開玩笑).
  • No.
  • Wow, I just thought you were really bad. Which you were.
  • I’ve been wanting to do that for so long.
  • Well, proud to have been your first. Have a long, gay life. Best of luck, emoji horseshoe (馬蹄鐵), steamboat (蒸汽船), bon voyage.
  • I love you.
  • Aw, aren’t you sweet, dear? You’re like a baby congressman (議員) who’s just crawled (爬) out from underneath (下面) his first men’s room stall.
  • Let me explain. In the gay world, what we just did was fun but meaningless (毫無意義). Okay? A blip (嗶一聲/曇花一現). And now this blip needs to bloop (在收音機信號里發出高而刺耳的干擾音).
  • I love when you say words that aren’t words.
  • Okay, listen, Mary.
  • Oh, yes. Oh, my God. It’s happening. I’ve always wanted a guy to call me Mary.
  • Officer Drew.
  • Yeah?
  • You’re a delightful (愉快), muscly (肌肉發達) rocket ship. You’re what my friend Will and I would call a spinner (?).
  • But you and I are never gonna happen, okay? And you need to absorb (明白) that, like, right now. So breathe it in. Do it. And then we say…
  • I love you. I love you so much.

Do we have to be teenagers?

美國影集 / 美麗心計
American television series / Big Little Lies / Once Bitten

  • Come on, eat up. You haven’t eaten anything. Perry. Perry.
  • Hey! Toys down, food up. Hup two.
  • Teenagers (青少年) are bad. Do we have to be teenagers?
  • Yeah, yeah, I’m afraid you do. Huh.
  • I’m gonna skip (跳過) that part.
  • What?
  • Teenagers aren’t that bad. In fact, once you’re a teenager, you will only wanna hang out (厮混) with other teenagers. You’ll think all grownups (成年人) are bad.
  • Teenagers think you’re bad?
  • Oh, yeah.
  • They do?
  • Absolutely. Especially when I use my, Ugh! burping (打嗝) superpower, they do.
  • Perry, come on.
  • Or when I speak with my special voice. Because then they know that here comes – the monster (怪物)!
  • Oh! Okay.
  • Ooh, I’m starving! Give me a tender little teenager to …
  • Come on, you haven’t eaten anything.
  • devour (吞食)!
  • Ow! No, no, no. no, no!
  • Come on, get her!
  • Stop! Stop!
  • Come here, Mom!
  • Come, I’ll save you. I’ll save you, I will save you, honey.
  • No, stop! No!
  • I’ll save you.
  • No!
  • Fire at will, boys! Fire!

Meritorious Promotion

美國影集 / 芝加哥烈焰
American drama series / Chicago Fire / An Even Bigger Surprise
©Chicago Fire

  • Chief, it was a complicated (複雜) situation (情況). But I stand by my decision and my team.
  • Lieutenant (小隊長), I came to 51 knowing this house has a reputation for doing things its own way. And I know Chief (局長) Boden has a sharp (敏銳) eye for leadership (領導力), but let me tell you something, Lieutenant. That rope rescue (救援) was like nothing I’ve ever seen.
  • No other firefighter (消防員) I know would have risked it (冒這個險). But if any other truck had responded to that call, that young man would be dead right now. You put the victim (傷者) first. Even after you knew I was on scene (在場). And you knew you were already on my hit list. You put his life ahead of your career (仕途).
  • All of Truck 81 did.
  • Spoken like a true leader. Which is why I’ve recommended (舉薦) you for a meritorious (勳績) promotion (升遷).
  • I don’t know what to say.
  • You don’t have to say anything. You earned this, Matt. Not just on this call, but every shift and every bell. Look, it’s not gonna be official (正式) until the ceremony (儀式), but let me be the first to tell you. Congratulations (恭喜), Captain (分隊長) Casey.
  • Thanks, Chief. I’ll do my best to make you proud (驕傲).
  • I know you will. Go get them.
  • Chief, thank you.

The Big Moment

美國影集 / 使女的故事
American web television series / The Handmaid’s Tale / Birth Day
© Hulu

  • Thank you for coming.
  • You’re welcome.
  • You can look at me.
  • We’re not supposed to.
  • In here, we might be able to bend the rules. Just a bit.
  • Hello there.
  • Hi.
  • I imagine you must find this strange.
  • I guess it’s a little strange.
  • I want … this will sound silly. I’d like to play a game with you.
  • A game?
  • Yes.
  • Do you know how to play?
  • Yes.
  • Good.

Bed check

美國影集 / 70年代秀
American sitcom / That ’70s Show / Red Sees Red

Red 進行晚點名巡房, 發現一對子女都很守規矩, 各自在自己的房間準備就寢…

  • Surprise.
  • This is so great. I didn’t know you delivered.
  • Bed check (巡查/晚點名), dumb-ass.
  • Holy crap.
  • No, it is not a bed check. We just wanna say good night – and- and we love you very, very much. What are you doing?
  • Oh, just nailing (釘) his window shut. For his own good.
  • What if there’s a fire?
  • Well, then I guess you can just light your dope (毒品/尤指大麻) with it, dopehead (笨蛋).
  • Donna! Get out.
  • Whoa. Not so fast, Laurie.
  • Oh. Ow! Ow!
  • You idiot (白痴)! Red’s doing bed checks.
  • Bed check.
  • And bless Mommy and bless Daddy and bless Grandma…
  • Oh. Hi, Daddy.
  • Sorry to bother you, kitten.
  • Kelso, get your hand off my ass.
  • It was an accident (意外).
  • Shh!
  • It’s still there.
  • It’s still an accident.
  • Kelso, it’s still there!
  • Yeah.

Cat’s out of the bag

美國影集 / 追愛總動員
American sitcom / How I Met Your Mother / World’s Greatest Couple

  • I think I left something on the bookshelf. Whoops. Oh, no, oh, look. Oh, I’m disgusting (噁心).
  • Wow, you’re open about your sexuality (性趣) and that’s one of the reasons I love you. Did I just say that? Oh, well, cat’s out of the bag (秘密洩露). I love you.
  • Whoa, uh Okay, beep, beep. Backing up, um
  • Hi, Barney. Oh!
  • Oh, my God. Are you married? Is this your wife?
  • What? No. Yes!
  • Yes?
  • Yes.
  • You son of a bitch! I can’t believe I let you enter my sacred temple (聖殿).
  • Come on, baby. Please, no. Oh, you don’t understand. What have I done? This is the worst. How could you?
  • You’re not going anywhere.