God will bless this union

英國影集 / 維多利亞
UK Drama series / Victoria / An Ordinary Woman
©Masterpiece PBS

  • Since we last met, I have declared (宣布) the intention (意圖) of allying myself in marriage to Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.
  • I hope that God will bless (祝福) this union (結合) and render it conducive (使其有利) to the interests of my people as well as my own domestic happiness (家庭幸福).
  • Before I congratulate (恭喜) you, Ma’am, may I remind you that the Sovereign (君主) may not marry a Roman Catholic without forfeiting the throne (喪失皇位)?
  • The Prince’s Uncle, Leopold, became a Papist (天主教徒) when he became King of the Belgians. How can we be sure that Prince Albert is in fact a Protestant (新教徒)?