Charlie Finds Love

美國影集 / 酒吧五傑
American sitcom / It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia / Charlie and Dee Find Love

Charlie 接到電話, 是 “The Waitress” 打來, 要求復合. Charlie 當場決定跟眼前這個”愚蠢的富家小蕩婦”女友分手, 回到貞潔的 “The Waitress” 身邊…

  • Charlie, look, I don’t know what’s been going on, but if you think you can make it stop, I need your help. I want you back in my life.
  • Do you really mean that?
  • Yeah. I need you.
  • Okay. I’ll be right there. Awesome (太棒了). Well, I’m out of here.
  • What? What are you talking about.
  • I’m leaving. I’m going to be with the waitress– she’s the woman I love.
  • No, but I…I wasn’t using you like Charlie was. He’s a total asshole (混蛋). I really, really, really like you.
  • Oh. Yeah, I know. Okay? I was using you. That’s why I kissed you in front of the waitress. That’s why I banged you a bunch of times, just to make the waitress jealous (妒忌). Amazing. You slept with me almost instantly (立刻). And by the way, a quality woman doesn’t do that. She doesn’t say yes right away. She says no to a man, for years, like, ten years. That’s what a real woman does, okay? You know what you were acting like? A stupid little rich slut (蕩婦). And that’s all that you are.
  • How can you do this to me?
  • Are you still talking? Go away, dumb-dumb. Go run and hide. Go from me. I don’t want to see you anymore. Women, right? Ah, man, all right, cool. I’m out!

網域購買 終極比價

網路上出售網域名稱 (Domains) 的供應商多如牛毛, 各家收費差異極大. 下面是我個人使用過的四家公司. 今天以同一個網域名稱進行搜索比價, 四家的收費 (USD) 分別如下:

NameSilo 6.99 0 0 8.99
NameCheap 10.69 2.88 0.18 10.69
GoDaddy 11.99 7.99 0.18 14.99
WordPress 18.00 0 0 26.00
* 以上費用均為每年合共 (USD)


  • 個人用過 NameSilo 後, 便再也回不去其他網域供應商了.
  • 很多供應商會有一些隱藏費用, 在結帳時才會顯示.
  • 而 NameSilo 的收費則一目了然,  直接把隱私費用和ICANN費用包含在內, 不另收費.
  • 域名續費方面, 很多供應商都會每年調漲. 而 NameSilo 的域名續費則是各家中最低的.


  • BlueHost – 個人隱私年費高達 11.88 美元
  • WordPress – 域名年度續費漲幅驚人


  • Domains – 網域名稱 (例如
  • Whois Privacy – 網域名稱持有人個資隱私
  • Domain Renewals – 網域名稱年度續費

Mila Kunis

美國影集 / 男人兩個半
American sitcom / Two and a Half Men / Lan mao shi zai wuding shang
©Comedy Central UK

Walden 正在考慮向 Kate 求婚, 卻對誤闖其海濱別墅的陌生女子動了心…

  • So, what’s your deal, Walden? Good-looking guy, rich, Malibu beach house (海濱別墅). I bet you only date hot actresses.
  • God, no. I’d never date an actress. They’re all crazy.
  • I’m sure they’re not all crazy.
  • Trust me. They are.
  • I don’t get this whole fascination (著迷) with celebrities anyway. I mean, who cares who’s dating whom or who’s engaged (訂婚) to who or who has a sex tape that no one will ever, ever see?
  • I know. But I have to say I am a sucker for anything having to do with Brangelina or Kimye.
  • Yeah, I have no idea what that means. I thought we were eating Kimye.
  • What, have you been hiding under a rock (與世隔絕) for the last few years?
  • No, but I have climbed a few. I was a Sherpa in Nepal. Yeah. And I I drove cattle in Argentina. And I, uh Oh, I used to give safari tours (野生動物之旅) in Africa. And, once, I was an assistant manager at a Hot Dog on a Stick in Pittsburgh.
  • I love hot dogs. I’ve never even thought about doing stuff like that. I mean, although I did once sit in the splash section (濺水區) at SeaWorld without a poncho (雨披).



經營部落格賺錢, 並不需要投入大量的時間和金錢, 也不用對網路科技有深度認識. 只要部落格能提供有趣的內容, 能吸引讀者, 有一定流量. 再來便是把流量轉化成收益. 下面是其中的一些方法:

Affiliate Marketing (聯盟營銷)
不少知名網站, 都有這種計劃給部落客參加. 只要把他們提供的連結放在你的部落格文章內. 當你的讀者點擊連結並完成交易後, 你便能得到分紅.

Webinars (網絡研討)
在你的部落格內進行產品示範及使用說明. 並在文內提供相關產品的銷售或服務. 例如, 經營烹飪部落格的, 便可以在部落格內示範不沾鍋的使用. 自然後再提供讀者團購的途徑.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (點擊廣告費)
把 Google 提供的廣告連結, 放在部落格內. 每次有人點擊, 你便能分得 68% 的廣告收益.

橫幅廣告 (Banner Ads)
如果你的部落格有足夠人流量, 可以直接出售廣告欄位. 置入橫幅廣告, 增加收入.

想把廣告置入你的部落格增加收入? 只要加入相關的廣告計劃, 再把他們提供的程式碼貼在部落格的當眼位置便可. 下面是其中一些廣告商:

Ross’ Teeth

美國影集 / 六人行
American sitcom / Friends / The One with Ross’ Teeth
©Comedy Central UK

  • Hey, guys.
  • Hey.
  • What’s up?
  • You know. Oh, my God.
  • What happened to your teeth?
  • I whitened (漂白) them.
  • Really?
  • Yeah, what do you think?
  • I think I shouldn’t look directly at them.
  • Come on, seriously.
  • They’re really, really, really white.
  • Yeah, what was wrong with your old, human teeth?
  • I did leave the gel on a little longer than it said to.
  • How much longer?
  • A day.
  • Ross, you know that tonight is your date (約會) with Hillary.
  • I know. That’s why I did it. Come on, are they really that bad?
  • No, no, no, no, you’ll be fine. Hillary’s blind(盲), right?
  • She will be after tonight.
  • Oh, hey! hey Rach, do you notice anything–?
  • Your teeth? Yes, I saw them from outside.

Chinese New Year Traditions

美國影集 / 菜鳥新移民
American sitcom / Fresh Off The Boat / Year of the Rat
©ABC Television Network

Jessica 給大家講解農曆新年的各種習俗, 大家好奇又興奮, 後來眾人發現所有的新年習俗, 似乎都離不開財富和好運, 覺得有點困惑. 都最後 Jessica 也對大家的十萬個為什麼無力招架了…..

  • So, I’ve always been curious, why the color red?
  • Thank you for asking. The color red represents good luck and happiness.
  • Why do you serve dumplings?
  • Well, dumplings are a similar shape to ancient silver and gold pieces. So when you eat them, it’s like you’re taking in wealth.
  • Ah. Ooh. I like that. [Indistinct (模糊) talking]
  • So the Chinese word for fish is a homonym (同義詞) for the word “surplus (剩餘).”
  • And why lions?
  • They’re used to summon (招來) wealth and good fortune.
  • I thought red was for wealth and good fortune.
  • And you said the haircuts were for wealth and good fortune.
  • We like wealth and good fortune.
  • I could listen to this all night.
  • Each year corresponds to one of 12 different animals in the Chinese zodiac (中國十二生肖).
  • I am the year of the dog.
  • What kind of animal am I?
  • What year were you born?
  • Pass.
  • Are some zodiac signs better…
  • You know what? Enough for today. Great questions! No more! Thank you!


解讀 TOEIC 分數

TOEIC 分數 職場應用英文程度
945 – 990 高級
785 – 940 中上
550 – 780 中級
225 – 545 低級
120 – 220 初學

TOEIC 975 一次搞定

那時候在台灣會去考 TOEIC, 是因為想轉職, 心儀的工作剛好要求多益成績. 個人經驗應該對很多人來說參考價值不大, 因為在準備考 TOEIC 前, 個人英文底子不錯, 已經在外商工作多年, 又跟過幾位外籍主管, 並一直從事英文文書工作.

這樣應該沒有人想看下去了吧? 不過精彩的當然在後面. 決定了考多益, 對自己的英文能力也有點信心, 直接報了名, 考期在一個半月後.

去借了兩本題庫, 回家自己做. 連 TOEIC 是什麼都不知道, 也懶得看前言或簡介, 直接做第一個模擬考, 結果是 500 多分. 發現原來自己英文好差!?

其實這是計劃的一部份. 是想比較”有準備”和”沒準備”的分別. 接下來, 當然是把應考指南好好看一遍. 有如神助, 分數一直往上升.

做完兩本的全部試題, 已經是 950 以上了. 真正的神助, 應該是應考當天, 試題明顯比我那兩本題庫淺易多了. 也可能是因為是正式應試, 有比較專心在考.

短短一個半月, 多益從 500 多分到 975 分, 進步的當然不是英文, 而是應試技巧. 模擬考書籍的選擇極度重要. 好的 TOEIC 工具書可以帶你上天堂…

應考 TOEIC 個人建議:

  • 要選擇優質的模擬考工具書
  • 一定要細看書中的應考指南
  • 模擬考工具書用英文版的可以事半功倍
  • 別浪費時間背單字, 直接切入試題, 不懂的單字再去查, 這樣印象才會深刻

基本上, 考 500 多分, 不代表英文很差, 有可能是應試技巧有待改進. 考 975 分, 也不代表英文很好, 畢竟多益只集中職場英語應用, 涉及的範疇並不全面.

如果想提昇英文能力, 報考 TOEIC 是個好主意. 除了可給自己一個目標, 一個動力, 也是因為 TOEIC 裡面的英文都很實用, 是日常工作和生活真的能用上的.


Q: 為什麼 Amy 的英文聽力那麼好?
A: 因為她在家都全天播放英文廣播.

Q: 為什麼 Billy 的英文說那麼溜?
A: 因為他經常到網上聊天室找外國人聊天.

Q: 為什麼 Chloe 的英文閱讀能力那麼強?
A: 因為她每天大量閱讀英文書報雜誌.

Q: 為什麼 Dylan 的英文寫作速度那麼快?
A: 因為他有每天寫英文日記的習慣.

英文比較好的人, 都有一個共通點: 經常接觸英文. 你也可以, 把英文元素植入每天生活中. 聽說讀寫, 只要找對學習資源, 該排的時間排一排, 持之以恆, 一年半載下來, 成果便很顯著.



  • 早上起床立即打開英語新聞廣播, 邊準備出門, 邊收聽當天世界大事.
  • 通勤時收聽自己喜愛的英語頻道, 以愉快的心情開始一天.
  • 下班回家料理家事時, 收聽英文廣播.
  • 晚餐時看電視, 選擇輕鬆有趣的歐美影集收看, 放鬆心情, 增加食慾.
  • 泡澡或準備就寢時, 收聽英文廣播.
  • 就寢時, 預設英文 Pod Cast 約 30 分鐘, 邊聽邊入睡.
  • 有空時寫英文日記.
  • 包包放一本英文書籍雜誌, 每天只要有空檔, 就拿出來看.
  • 到 { 網路聊天室 } , 找外國人聊天.
  • 上網找 { 語言交換 }.
  • 使用 { 語言交換 Apps }.