Grace, will you marry me?

美國影集 / 心計
American drama series / The Mentalist / Wedding in Red

  • Excuse me? Thank you. Try the cake.
  • Oh, thank you.
  • It’s been two hours, and nobody’s going anywhere near the exit (出口). We need a distraction (分散注意力).
  • Okay. How do I look?
  • Fine. Why?
  • Good. Excuse me? Is this on?
  • Yeah.
  • Uh, excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, can i have your attention, for, uh, one second, please? I’d like to offer one more toast (敬酒).
  • I’d like to thank Stacey and Roberto for making me realize (意識到) just how important it is to protect a dream. I didn’t protect my dream.
  • To be honest, I, uh, well, I didn’t know how. But what can you do when you meet the right person at the wrong time?
  • Do her anyway!
  • Well, yeah, that works for a while. But eventually (最終) you say things or don’t say things. You, uh, make more mistakes than you can count. And in the end, well … things fall apart (瓦解).
  • This your idea of a distraction?
  • Trust me.
  • Now if you’re lucky, you might find each other again. But there’s too much history and heartache (心痛) to ever find your way back to that dream.
  • At least that’s what i thought. I’m hoping I was wrong. Grace, will you marry me? Well– well, say something. This is real.
  • Yes, Wayne. Of course I’ll marry you.
  • Target’s (目標) on the move.

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