Little errand

英國影集 / 浴血黑幫
British television series / Peaky Blinders / For the cause

  • Ada, sit down here for a minute. Ada, if anything happens to me today . I need you to post (寄) this letter. The stamp’s already on. Don’t ask any questions. It’s to do with insurance (保險).
  • Look, Tommy? Whatever it is you’re involved in, just tell us. God, you never let anybody in. We love you, Tom.
  • What are you doing up at six o’clock in the morning?
  • Ready?
  • What the bloody hell’s going on?
  • Little errand (差事).
  • What errand?
  • He just has to stand there, Ada.
  • Stand where?
  • Let’s go. Come on.
  • James, what’s going on? Don’t listen to him, James, he’ll get you killed! What errand?
  • For the cause, Ada. The good old cause.

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