Shagger’s breakfast

英國影集 / Josh
British sitcom / Josh / Bed & Breakfast

  • Oh!
  • Ding ding.
  • What?
  • Ready for round two (第二回合), Lennox Lewis?
  • Oh, I think it’s a bit early for that kind of thing.
  • Oh, by the looks of things, you’re not wrong. Where’s it gone?
  • It’s very chilly (冷), it’s a draughty (透風) room.
  • And if you’re wondering where your pants (褲子) are, one leg is on the floor and the other leg is in the corridor (走廊).
  • Yeah, it’s all coming back to me now.
  • Someone’s certainly earned themselves one shagger’s (炮友) breakfast.
  • Ah, I’ve got things to be getting on with, so I should go.
  • It’s your house.
  • Yeah, of course it is.
  • I tell you what, why don’t I make us a fry-up (*), seeing as you’ve given me your bed, and a bit more? A couple of fried eggs.
  • No, thank you.
  • Cos you know I’m always up for sausage (香腸), don’t you?
  • OK.
  • Maybe we could even experiment (實驗) with hash brown (馬鈴薯餅).
  • Oh, no thanks, very much not my scene.
  • We’ll see.
  • You do realize those were all innuendos (暗示), right?
  • Yeah, I got that.

(*) A fry-up is a meal consisting of a mixture of foods such as sausages, bacon, and eggs that have been fried.


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