Do we have to be teenagers?

美國影集 / 美麗心計
American television series / Big Little Lies / Once Bitten

  • Come on, eat up. You haven’t eaten anything. Perry. Perry.
  • Hey! Toys down, food up. Hup two.
  • Teenagers (青少年) are bad. Do we have to be teenagers?
  • Yeah, yeah, I’m afraid you do. Huh.
  • I’m gonna skip (跳過) that part.
  • What?
  • Teenagers aren’t that bad. In fact, once you’re a teenager, you will only wanna hang out (厮混) with other teenagers. You’ll think all grownups (成年人) are bad.
  • Teenagers think you’re bad?
  • Oh, yeah.
  • They do?
  • Absolutely. Especially when I use my, Ugh! burping (打嗝) superpower, they do.
  • Perry, come on.
  • Or when I speak with my special voice. Because then they know that here comes – the monster (怪物)!
  • Oh! Okay.
  • Ooh, I’m starving! Give me a tender little teenager to …
  • Come on, you haven’t eaten anything.
  • devour (吞食)!
  • Ow! No, no, no. no, no!
  • Come on, get her!
  • Stop! Stop!
  • Come here, Mom!
  • Come, I’ll save you. I’ll save you, I will save you, honey.
  • No, stop! No!
  • I’ll save you.
  • No!
  • Fire at will, boys! Fire!

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