Davos explained: In 90 seconds

英國新聞 / 世界經濟論壇
©BBC News

  • It’s a gathering (聚會) of the global elite (精英) in the Swiss alpine resort (度假勝地) of Davos. Encouraging globalization (全球化), trade, and integration (一體化).
  • Three thousand delegates (代表) are going from more than a hundred countries, including leaders from politics (政界), business (商界), and even royalty (皇室).
  • Indian Narendra Modi, Britain’s Theresa May, and Donald Trump of the US, all making an appearance (現身).
  • He is a president who’s championed America First, challenging (挑戰) the very concept of free trade, and globalization.
  • A powerful audience (觀眾) for him, who’ve paid top dollar to attend. Business leaders including the likes of Chinese entrepreneur (企業家) Jack Ma, Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, and IBM’s Ginni Rometty, to name just a few.
  • But it is not just about deal making, gender equality (性別平等) is a big theme (主題) this year. Only 21 percent of Davos delegates are women.
  • There are high profile campaigns (高調的推廣活動) now underway (進行), not just to tackle sexual harassment (性騷擾) in the workplace, but also to bring an end to unfair pay (不公平薪資待遇).
  • Davos is often criticized (被批評) as just being a talking shop for the world’s elite. So the big question is: Can it bring about any lasting change (持久的改變)?

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