Cat’s out of the bag

美國影集 / 追愛總動員
American sitcom / How I Met Your Mother / World’s Greatest Couple

  • I think I left something on the bookshelf. Whoops. Oh, no, oh, look. Oh, I’m disgusting (噁心).
  • Wow, you’re open about your sexuality (性趣) and that’s one of the reasons I love you. Did I just say that? Oh, well, cat’s out of the bag (秘密洩露). I love you.
  • Whoa, uh Okay, beep, beep. Backing up, um
  • Hi, Barney. Oh!
  • Oh, my God. Are you married? Is this your wife?
  • What? No. Yes!
  • Yes?
  • Yes.
  • You son of a bitch! I can’t believe I let you enter my sacred temple (聖殿).
  • Come on, baby. Please, no. Oh, you don’t understand. What have I done? This is the worst. How could you?
  • You’re not going anywhere.

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