Erica and Geoff Sneak Around

美國影集 / 金色年代
American sitcom / The Goldbergs / The Kara-te Kid
©ABC Television Network

  • Hey. Can we talk, you know, about that thing that happened between us with our lips and stuff?
  • I know the thing, Geoff.
  • Well, even though that thing was super-awesome (太棒了) It can’t happen again ’cause, like Me and Evy are together. You get it.
  • Totally. It was a stupid one-time mistake. A one-time mistake that we’ve made every day for the last three weeks.
  • Right, but this is the last time. Starting now.
  • God! What is wrong with us?!
  • This has to stop!
  • Does it?
  • I don’t know!
  • It does. Does it, though?
  • It doesn’t! And you know why? I’m gonna break up (分手) with Evy today.
  • Dude (老兄), you say that exact same thing every day, and we always end up hiding in here while Evy has volleyball practice (排球練習).
  • You’ll see. This time, I won’t get scared of her and wimp out (慌張) .
  • Well, my lips aren’t touching yours until it’s official (正式分手). Understood?

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