Monroe and Kathleen’s First Dance

美國影集 / 最後的大亨
American television series / The Last Tycoon / Pilot
©Prime Video

  • I’ll be damned.
  • Sorry about Landon. I imagine he was just a bit overwhelmed (不知所措).
  • By day he seems so tame (馴服).
  • You know his father was a carpenter (木匠).
  • Tell me, how is it you see all these writers and producers (製作人) every day and no one’s ever asked you to come read for something? A face like yours makes me think I should fire the whole bunch.
  • Well, they’ve asked. A few times. I just don’t have any interest.
  • In acting?
  • In any of it. It’s sort of an unsavory (不愉悅) business, if you forgive my saying it. It hardly matters (這不重要). I’m leaving next week.
  • To go where?
  • Home.
  • Why?
  • I guess I finally realized this place isn’t like the movies at all. It’s just where they’re made.

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