Zoey Questions Her Belief in God

美國影集 / 喜新不厭舊
American sitcom / Black-ish / God
©ABC Television Network

Bow 的老弟在巴黎待了兩年回來, 覺得老姐的”美國人”生活很不上道, 很鄉下. 認為法國人的優雅生活方式才是王道…


  • This chilled butter wreaks (造成) havoc (嚴重破壞) on a croissant (牛角包). You Americans and your mania (瘋狂) for refrigeration.
  • This pompous (浮誇) croissant-eating fool is Bow’s little brother, Johan. He’s been teaching in France for two blissful years, but now he’s back and I have to deal with stuff like this.
  • These early meal times are so provincial (鄉下). In Paris, we would linger over (仔细慢嚐) wine and cheese until dinner at 10:00.
  • That sounds so sophisticated (不落俗套). Can we try it?
  • No.
  • Please, are you kidding? If we move dinner even 10 minutes, your dad’s gonna resort to cannibalism (食人).
  • Hold on, cwa-sant. All right, around here, we say grace (感恩祈禱) first. All right? Zoey. Lead.
  • I don’t know if I feel comfortable leading grace when I’m not sure if I believe in God.
  • Did I say my love for my family was a constant (不變)? I meant I hate them.

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