A Tale of Love

英國影集 / 索恩醫生
UK Television series / Doctor Thorne / Trailer
©Once Upon a Time AV Work

母親奇望藉由 Frank 跟有錢女生結婚, 去改善家中經濟狀況, 全力撮合 Frank 與中年富婆, 希望達成婚事. Frank 萬般不願也得應酬, 想不到與中年富婆相談甚歡…

  • To me, you are my daughter, and any man who has the honor (榮幸) of your love should be the envy (羨慕) of the world.
  • Do you think me so very fair (很正點)?
  • Is the woman who prevents (防止) a man from ruining (毀) himself the one who truly loves him?
  • If you wish to see me happy ever again, marry money!
  • No!
  • You wicked (邪惡) boy!
  • Marry money?
  • That’s it, to marry money.
  • And a pure heart and youth and beauty, I hope you’ll marry them all.
  • Indeed, but there must be money.
  • I am no match for Frank.
  • Lady Arabella and Lady de Courcy are a pair of snobbish (勢利), selfish (自私) old crones (老太婆).
  • Love.
  • I’ll never ask you to marry me again, if you say here and now you did not love me.

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