美國影集 / 俏妞報到
American sitcom / New Girl / Exes
©New Girl

  • So, this is the problem. Nick didn’t tell his ex (前度) that we were together, and she found out, and now she’s really, really upset.
  • This is the scariest (最可怕) one yet. It’s just a bunch of (一堆) smiley faces.
  • Okay, um, not to be all guy with a baby, but, uh, exes are really a lot like newborns (新生兒), okay? The burps(打嗝) can be so yucky (噁心), but you know what comes after a burp?
  • What?
  • A big old smile.
  • Aw.
  • What the hell are you talking about?
  • It was a metaphor (比喻), Nick.
  • It was a classic fatherhood metaphor. No, my … my point is you just need to face her and let her get it all off her chest.
  • Oh, I feel like I’ve done that.
  • No, you didn’t. You just talked and talked about nothing for 30 minutes.
  • Okay, look, I know it’s hard. I know that, man. I’m here and I’m hearing it. I mean, when Jess and I did this, I think we cried for, like two days?
  • I mean, at least.
  • But look. Now I have such a good friend, and we talk all the time, and he’s such a good listener.
  • Say what? I can’t hear you.
  • Is this real? You guys saw each other naked (赤裸), and now you’re friends?
  • Yes, it’s the purest (最純淨) form of friendship. Straight Leno and Eubanks (*).
  • I just want to say you’re incredible, and I’m so lucky to have you in my life.

* Eubanks 在 Leno 主持的 “The Tonight Show” 中擔任音樂總監. 兩人為好友.


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