Sheldon ripped his pants

美國影集 / 生活大爆炸
American sitcom / The Big Bang Theory / The Matrimonial Metric
©Danish Khan

  • Hey. Here’s the sewing kit (針線包) you asked for.
  • Ooh! A minute, 19. Quick.
  • You were timing me?
  • Yes. I am going through a bit of a timing phase. How long will it last? We’ll find out.
  • What did you need the kit for?
  • Oh, um Sh-Sheldon was squatting down (蹲下來) to pick up a fork and he ripped (撕開) his pants.
  • Oh, someone’s gonna be sore (酸痛) tomorrow.
  • Oh, quick thinking. But for future lies, this is as far as I can squat.

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