Sue and Sean Kiss

美國影集 / 左右不逢源
American sitcom / The Middle / The Christmas Miracle
©ABC Television Network

Sean 為學業成績發愁, 自我懷疑. Sue 百般安慰. 兩人早已互生的情愫, 終於爆出火花…

  • Donahues don’t do this. I’ve always been at the top of my class. Maybe I shouldn’t be a doctor. I just T-The whole semester’s been a struggle (掙扎).
  • Well, yeah, of course it is. It’s supposed to be. It’s medical school. It’s hard. I wouldn’t want a doctor who went to an easy one.
  • But I got C’s. It’s so average (一般). I’ve never been in the middle of the pack (平庸) before.
  • Oh, well, I am all about the middle of the pack. It happens to be my area of expertise (專長). Okay, and here’s what I have learned. You cannot compare yourself to anybody else. You are your own unique (獨特) you. Everyone has their own path.
  • Yeah, but…
  • Okay, look. You once told me I was a very special snowflake (雪花). But you know what? So are you. There is no one else like you. You are gonna be so great. And not because you’re a Donahue, because you’re you.
  • Yep. Sue was right. Miracles (奇蹟) happen every day.

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