美國影集 / 了不起的麥瑟爾女士
American comedy series / The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel / The Disappointment of the Dionne Quintuplets
©Prime Video

Mrs. Maisel 與丈夫鬧翻, 暫居父母家. 因夜歸而遭父母訓話, 像少女般給父親下令宵禁, 不得再夜歸. 父親更反悔, 決定不給她買電視, 讓她無法收看由 Jack Paar 主持的深夜脫口秀…

  • Oh, my God!
  • Where have you been?
  • You scared the daylights out of me.
  • Answer me, Miriam.
  • I was out.
  • “Out” where?
  • With a friend.
  • What friend?
  • I’m sorry, did something happen?
  • Do you know what time it is?
  • It’s late.
  • It’s 2:00 in the morning.
  • Don’t you wear a watch?
  • Not with this outfit (衣服).
  • We were worried, Miriam, worried sick, if you must know.
  • Your mother vomited.
  • I did not vomit (嘔吐).
  • Well, she did something in the bathroom that took a very long time. And she did not come out looking happy.
  • I’m sorry I was late, but…
  • But what?
  • You do know I’m not 16 anymore, don’t you?
  • We thought we did, but then you act like this, sneaking out.
  • I did not sneak out (潛出).
  • Sneaking in.
  • I did not sneak in (潛入).
  • You left your baby here alone.
  • With her grandparents.
  • And where is your son, anyway?
  • Shooting craps.
  • What?
  • He’s with Joel. Shooting craps.
  • Oh.
  • I-I’m kidding. Can we just lighten the mood a little (放輕鬆點)?
  • No, we cannot.
  • You know the rules of this house. RULE NUMBER ONE: you do not leave your towels on the floor we’ll get back to that, by the way RULE NUMBER TWO: home by 11:00.
  • Are you kidding me?
  • 10:00 if you keep arguing.
  • You can’t give me a curfew  (宵禁).
  • I’m a 26-year-old woman, I have two children.
  • As long as you’re living under this roof, my rules apply.
  • Mama, this is a tad overdramatic (有點太戲劇化), don’t you think?
  • You could’ve been dead and dismembered (肢解) in an alley.
  • I’m going to bed.
  • That’s it! I’ve changed my mind. No Jack Paar for you.
  • What?
  • Because of your behavior tonight, I am not buying you a TV. See? There are consequences (後果). Lesson learned. Good. Now go to your room. And if I see those towels on the floor again, you’ll be air-drying (風乾) for a month!

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