The survival of the species

英國影集 / 巴黎時裝
UK Television series / The Collection / The Deal
©Masterpiece PBS

  • How do you know what women will like?
  • I share their love of romance. Fashion’s goal is to please (取悅) and attract (吸引). Ultimately (最終), a lovely dress leads to a man and a woman coming together and … ensuring the survival (生存) of the species (物種).
  • Well, no offence(沒有惡意), but my mother had six kids and never owned nothing like that. Would’ve made her nervous (不安).
  • Fashion has the power to transform (轉變) us. It’s not so much about who you are but who you want to be. Even those who hate fashion make a statement (表態) with what they wear. If only to say to the world, “I don’t give a damn.”
  • —–
  • Let me introduce you to Marianne. She oversees (監督) evening wear.
  • Wow! That looks like it could walk off with nobody in it.
  • Monsieur likes to challenge (挑戰) me.

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