We’re the Ladies

美國影集 / 女孩我最大
American television series / Girls / Vagina Panic

  • So this guy’s making you bananas (讓你抓狂)?
  • I’ve never experienced (體驗) anything like it. The thing is I have absolutely (絕對) no sense of how he really feels about me because when we are together, he’s so there and he’s so present. And then he disappears (消失) for two weeks and doesn’t answer any text messages (短信), and I feel as though I invented (捏造) him.
  • Did you invent him?
  • If I’d invented him, then I wouldn’t have a giant bruise (挫傷) on my ass.
  • Pause. I have something to contribute (貢獻) here.
  • “Listen, ladies: A tough love approach to the tough game of love.”
  • Mm-hmm.
  • Okay, I’m gonna admit that I have hate-read (因討厭而閱讀) that book.
  • Oh, my God! It, like, totally changes your perspective (觀點), right? Okay, “If a man doesn’t take you on a date (約會), he’s not interested (感興趣), point-blank (全中). ‘Let’s meet up with friends’ is not a date, it’s a date for him to decide whether you’re truly good enough to date, and that’s unacceptable (不可接受) ladies.”
  • There have to be exceptions (例外) to that rule.
  • “Sex from behind is degrading (有辱人格), point-blank. You deserve (值得) someone who wants to look in your beautiful face, ladies.”
  • What if I want to focus (專注) on something else? What if I want to feel like I have udders (動物的乳房)? This woman doesn’t care about what I want.
  • Wait … but here’s my question: Who are “the ladies”?
  • Obvi– we’re the ladies.
  • I’m not the ladies.
  • Yeah, you’re the ladies.
  • I’m not the ladies.
  • Yes, you are. You’re the ladies.
  • You’re being unfair (不公平). You can’t force (強迫) me to be a lady.
  • I’m not forcing you to be a lady. You just– Okay, I’m a lady, she’s a lady, you’re a lady, we’re the ladies.

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