Lavinia at Dinner

英國影集 / 唐頓莊園
UK Drama series / Downton Abbey / S2E1
©eOne Films

  • How did you and Matthew meet?
  • Oh, in London. My father works in London, so I’ve always lived there. But I love the country, too.
  • Of course you do.
  • Daddy’s a solicitor (事務律師), like Matthew.
  • My, my. You’re very well placed if you’re ever in trouble with the law.
  • Did I tell you I’ve been given me a colonelcy (陸軍上校的職位) in the North Riding Volunteers? So I’m properly in the army again.
  • Hmm. Congratulations (恭喜).
  • Yeah.
  • He won’t go with them, will he, when they’re called to the front (前線)?
  • I hope not, but he seems to think so.
  • You don’t mind my bringing Lavinia?
  • On the contrary, I’m glad. Glad to see you happy.
  • What about you? Are you happy?
  • I think I’m about to be happy. Does that count?
  • It does if you mean it.
  • You’ll be the first to know.

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