Friend Requests

美國影集 / 摩登家庭
American sitcom / Modern Family / Send Out the Clowns

Haley 和 Alex 想拒絕媽媽的臉書好友邀請, 但又不好意思言明, 只好推說沒收到邀請. 又騙說臉書設了重重障礙, 以保護青少年, 使他們免受怪人滋擾…其實是無法接受長輩在臉書上刺探自己的私生活, 也不希望家庭照給同學或朋友們看到.

  • Claire: Hey, how come you guys haven’t accepted my friend requests (交友邀請) ?
  • Haley: I didn’t know you were on Facebook.
  • Alex: Yeah. You said it was only for teenagers (青少年 – 13至19歲) and people looking to have affairs (婚外情).
  • Claire: Well, I figured if you can’t fight it. Not the having the affair. That’s still bad. No. Not that, but there’s nothing wrong with catching up with a few old friends (跟老友們聚舊), right? Or doing a little social networking with my BFFs (Best Friends Forever)?
  • Luke: Social networking or social not-working?
  • Claire: Oh! You know what we gotta do? We gotta get a picture of us all together on a boat. I think that’s a thing now (正流行). So what do you say? Accept my friend thingy (…的東西).
  • Alex: Sorry, mom, I-I didn’t get a friend thingy from you.
  • Haley: Yeah, you know, they have a lot of blocks on there to protect kids from weirdos (怪人).
  • Claire: Mm. Okay. Good, good. I’ll send it again.
  • Alex: Great. Please do.
  • ———-
  • Alex: Please don’t!
  • Haley: We got her request the first time, but ignored (忽視) it. I can’t have her on there snooping around (到處刺探) seeing what I’m doing at parties.
  • Alex: Or posting pictures of us on family vacations wearing old, dorky (蠢/笨) clothes. What? What’s wrong with this?

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