Heart to Heart

英國影集 / 冤家成雙對
British Sitcom / Coupling / Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps

Patrick 與 Sally 相約在酒吧談心表白. Patrick 跟 Sally 說, 她是個很棒的女生, 只有絕世好男人才能與她疋配, 一般平庸男子並不適合她, 希望她明白. Sally 傷心的以為 Patrick 要拒絕她…

  • Sally.
  • Patrick. Private function?
  • Yeah, there’s something later.
  • Oh. So it’s not us, then?
  • No, no. Definitely (肯定) not us.
  • Sally you are the most wonderful woman in the history of the entire universe (宇宙). You’re incredible (不可思議). You’ve got the looks of a Miss World with the brains to match. You’re more than a woman, you’re like a man.
  • Seriously, you could be a bloke (男生) anytime you wanted. Obviously a bloke with some pretty serious defects, but who cares about that, I’ve seen you down drinks with the best of ’em.
  • I wish I’d had a mother like you. Or a grandmother or any kind of ancestor (祖先). And since you said what you said, I’ve had a lot of time to think, but obviously that isn’t always possible. Nonetheless, i have been able to consider your application.
  • And, and this is the point, this is the important point– Sally, you need someone good enough for you. You don’t want some mutton-headed (愚蠢/糊塗) city boy who spends all his time thinking about his cars and his golf clubs.
  • You want someone who can love you the way you deserve to be loved, the way I want you to be loved. Sally, you need someone who will love you forever– properly. You’re my friend, Sally, and I want to see you with the best.
  • You need Mr. Amazing, Mr. Incredibly, superbly fantastick…ness. And in your heart, i’m sure you know i’m right.
  • I don’t want Mr. Superbly, incredibly fantastickness, you stupid, stupid ass. I want you.
  • Oh, for God’s sake, Sally.
  • What? What?!
  • I was talking about me!

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