The Soup Nazi

美國影集 / 歡樂單身派對
American sitcom / Seinfeld / The Soup Nazi

George 排隊排了好久, 才買到螃蟹濃湯, 但因為沒拿到隨湯附送的免費麵包, 跟老板問了一下, 結果連湯都沒得喝…

  • This line is huge.
  • It’s like this all the time.
  • Isn’t that that Bania guy?
  • Oh, no. It is. Just be still.
  • Too late. I think he picked up the scent (味道).
  • Hey, Jerry, I didn’t know you liked soup.
  • Hard to believe.
  • This guy makes the best soup in the city, Jerry. The best. You know what they call him? “Soup Nazi (納粹).”
  • All right, Bania. I’m not letting you cut in line (插隊).
  • Why not?
  • Because if he catches us, we’ll never get soup again.
  • Okay, okay.
  • Medium turkey chili (火雞辣椒湯).
  • Medium crab bisque (螃蟹濃湯).
  • I didn’t get any bread.
  • Just forget it. Let it go.
  • Excuse me. I think you forgot my bread.
  • Bread, $2.00 extra.
  • Two dollars? But everyone in front of me got free bread.
  • You want bread?
  • Yes, please.
  • Three dollars!
  • What?
  • No soup for you!

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